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A Platform For Participation

The Kindness, Compassion and Wellbeing Festival is designed as a platform for participation.

Seven Ways To Get Involved Before The Festival Starts :

  1. Become an Ambassador – Connect your Network to the Kindness Revolution – do you know people or organisations who should get involved?
  2. Join The Kindness Crew – Volunteer Your Time – e.g. we need people to give out flyers
  3. Offer Your Skill – We need organisers, crowd-funders, administrators, artists and communications and social media people
  4. Suggest Ideas – Help co-create the Festival
  5. Organise A Local Event in your community or organisation
  6. Partner With Us– could your organisation benefit from being part of and supporting a kinder world?
  7. Become A Sponsor– we need funding so Leeds can lead the way


The festival is being designed around six themes of :

Kindness to Self

The foundation of individual wellbeing, as well as our ability to contribute to others and society, is the ability to be kind to our self.

Kindness in Relationships

Being able to give as well as receive is vital to our relationships. Family, friends, work colleagues and neighbours play a significant part in our health and wellbeing. The largest and longest study into human wellbeing undertaken by Harvard University concluded the greatest contribution to our longevity, health and wellbeing are the quality of our relationships.

Kinder Communities

Having somewhere to live and belonging to social networks and supportive community contexts have a significant effect on health and wellbeing and our ability to live flourishing fulfilling lives.

Spaces of Kindness

We spend a large amount of our lives working, learning or playing. If these spaces are kind and supportive we are better at what we do and more satisfied with our lives. This also extends to the public space in terms of public wellbeing both in the virtual online world and the real places we go to. How we design the spaces we live work and play in, what and how we celebrate and create together plays a big role in determining the quality of our lives.

Kindness to Nature

The foundation of our wellbeing is the natural world. Nature is good for our health and our responsibility and attitude to protecting and nurturing the natural environment is wide-ranging – from what we eat, to how we grow things, how we travel and what we buy.

Kinder Business

Kinder businesses recognise that success is more than the bottom line. And as people recognise they want to be customers of kinder businesses, success in business also depends on finding creative ways to live our values and walk our talk. Creating real wealth is about understanding wealth in a way that includes human and natural value as well as the bottom line and builds a ‘wellbeing economy’ in a wider way.

Choose The Themes That Interest You Most

If any of the above themes or ways of joining in appeals, get in touch with us for a conversation about what you would like to see in the festival or contribute to it. Email us at info [at]

Or you can come along to the regular festival planning and information meetings – the next one will be 7 pm January 7th at Jamyang Buddhist Centre .

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