Compassion Unlimited CIC

The Leeds Festival of Kindness Compassion & Wellbeing is a project of Compassion Unlimited CIC

Compassion Unlimited CIC exists to promote the values of kindness, compassion and wellbeing as perhaps the most important core values that must come to the fore if our society is to flourish in a way that supports the wellbeing of all its members.  In pursuit of this vision it has launched / is launching three main projects:

  1. The Kinder Leeds Festival, first held in September 2020, aims to raise the profile of kindness, compassion and wellbeing and the many wonderful projects and community initiatives that are happening withing the city of Leeds and its environs.
  2. The planned Centre for Universal Responsibility Education (C.U.R.E.), in association with Compassion Institute US, will deliver a range of compassion-related training programmes, including Compassion Cultivation Training, Compassionate Leadership Training, and specialist programmes for public and private sector organisations.  For more details please email the director on
  3. The Leeds Charter for Compassion Group aims to take action to bring the vision of compassion as a transformative social force, as outlined in the international Charter for Compassion, to reality in local communities and across the city of Leeds, through working with the City Council, other public sector bodies, voluntary agencies, community groups and business organisations to create a deep and broad-based culture of compassion in all facets of life in our city.


Ansa Ahmad of Hope Bereavement, David Midgley of Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds, Jeremy Cox of The King’s Fund & Heather Kelland

Festival Project Leader

Heather Kelland

Volunteer Team

We have an amazing team of
volunteers including…

Heather Whiston

Jordan Steel

Jeremy Cox

Website Design & Technical Support

Nick Cragg

Festival Partners

Here at #KinderLeeds we welcome new partnerships with organisations who share our passion, values and vision.
Get in touch to become a #KinderLeeds partner.

We gratefully acknowledge the expertise, help and support of our all our partners in helping bring the vision of the Leeds Festival of Kindness, Compassion, and Wellbeing 2020 into reality:

Leeds City Council, Voluntary Action Leeds, Frameworks 4 Change, Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds, Network of Wellbeing, The Heart Movement, The William Temple Foundation, Leeds Church Institute, Civil Society Alliance and Carnegie UK Trust, Caravan of Unity, HOPE Bereavement Support.

We acknowledge financial support from Awards For All, Leeds Community Foundation & The National Lottery Community Fund as well as all individual personal donations received. 

The Kindness Revolution at #KinderLeeds aims to give people an experience of what a city of kindness, compassion and wellbeing could be like, and a glimpse into how things could be different for everyone, including those who are most often excluded.

Most of us can be at our best, creative, generous, courageous and productive selves when we feel we belong, feel safe and secure. Kindness, compassion and wellbeing build individual and organisational capability and care-ability by creating a supportive environment for a good life that everyone can and should be part of.

Kindness & Compassion are the ground in which wellbeing can flourish.

Join us if you would like to see a kinder world!