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Our vision is create a festival each year for fve years and measure the differnece we make as well as linking with others elsewhere.

Join us in 2021 to create the Leeds Festival of Kindness, Compassion & Wellbeing as a multi-venue festival comprising events both large and small, hosted in different places – neighbourhoods, schools, organisations & businesses.
The festival will enable schools, faith groups, communities and businesses to self-organize activities in their own spaces as well as attending talks, films, food and arts events at central venues in the city centre.

Our aim is to showcase and celebrate the great work being done by the thousands of individuals, voluntary groups, communities, businesses and the Council in the areas of kindness, compassion and wellbeing to promote community connectedness and wellbeing.

Join the Kindness Revolution by organising an event or if you live elswhere by linking your city to The Kindness Revolution at #kinderleeds.

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