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Cultivating Kindness through Coaching

October 14, 2021 @ 6:00 pm 7:00 pm

In this exploratory session, I will share the coaching principles that I feel foster kindness, together with some of my experiences of these principles in practice. In breakout rooms, you will then have the opportunity to pick one of these principles (or one of your own) to use in conversation with another person. There will be time for you to reflect on how each conversation felt for you in your pairs before coming back to the main room. You will then have the opportunity to share your experiences and reflections with the wider group.

Can applying these principles in everyday conversations help cultivate kindness? As in any coaching conversation, you will identify what you are taking away from the session and I am curious to learn from others’ experiences.

Who should attend:

This event will be of interest to anyone who is looking to cultivate kindness through their conversations. It will also be of interest to coaches who will be familiar with the coaching principles but who may not have previously thought of them as ways to help foster kindness.

Wellbeing statement:

You will choose a topic to discuss with your break-out room partner. This could be something you are struggling with, a decision you need to make, an issue you want to resolve or something you are avoiding. It could be something you want to achieve or have happen. You will each have 10 minutes to discuss your topic and so it is best not to pick something that is too big or that could be potentially overwhelming. You are responsible for choosing what to share and for managing your own self-care (e.g. knowing what support networks you have in place after the event). You will be asked to confirm that you will keep what is shared during the event confidential.

About me:

I am developing a portfolio career which includes coaching individuals on work-related topics, with a focus on the whole person. My motivation for coaching is to help people improve their mental wellbeing at work. I am also Chair of Trustees and a Director of The Dove Service, a grief and loss charity. You can find out more about me here:

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Anna Whitehead