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Kindness in the Cupboard

October 11, 2021 @ 5:45 pm 6:30 pm

Kindness in the Cupboard is a virtual workshop based on the principles of a human library coming together to celebrate as part of 2021 Festival of Kindness

A human library is a pop-up event where each person becomes a book. Sharing stories for others to hear, absorb and delight in. Our lives are woven with adventures, our chapters are varied, and our plot lines are often unpredictable.

Sharing stories is a fabulous tradition that enriches us in so many ways!

  • The workshop begins with a brief summary exploring the relationship of stories to well-being.
  • Next you will be “zooming” off into a virtual room where you will share & listen to stories of kindness from one another.
  • Returning together to celebrate the connection and share your experience of giving and receiving kindness through group inter-connection.

Finishing off with a reflective short story from your host JK.

About JK

JK (Jennie-Kate McCreight) is a therapeutic coach and change-worker supporting people and businesses to put mind over matter. She delivers 1:1 coaching, workplace well-being initiatives and facilitates workshops to the wider community too. 

When she is not delivering sessions within JKChangeWork, JK is spending time coaching in nature (at sister company Where the Mind Grows). Helping people re-connect back with nature for well-being.