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Strategies for Stress Management

October 11, 2022 @ 6:00 pm 7:00 pm

As the new economic and social realities become evermore apparent across the country, the conversation
over rules and procedures grows louder and strong as we begin to step into a new environment. On so
many levels, it’s not surprising that some of us continue to feel unusually high levels of stress, and wonder

about what lies ahead. But while it’s sensible to be cautious, what happens if our stress becomes over-

What will the “new normal” look like, and how will it influence employee and organisational stress levels
and output? How will that output impact productivity, and how will all of that effect profitability?
This workshop is at the cutting edge of stress management and reduction, offering a powerful blend of
cognitive training and clinically-proven techniques to control stress and enhance performance in the most
challenging circumstances.

October TBC 2022 | Time TBC | Online Presentation


• Welcome and Introduction
• Stress- Defined
• 2 Types of Stress
• Lions, Snakes, & Grizzlies
• 3Ms of Understanding Stress TM
• 4 Key Negative Stressors
• How to Run on a Beach
• Performance vs Outcomes
• Getting a Great Night’s Sleep
• Q & A – Discussion


Ches Moulton – The Stress Master

0333 202 6285

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