What is a
Kind Listening

About Kind Listening Circles

Kind Listening Circles are structured online zoom spaces (for up to 10 people) for the practices of self-care and exploration of important questions through facilitated connection and support. 

The practices include the three teachable habits of:

– Taking turns to listen carefully to each other and ourselves

– Exploring important questions

– Appreciating each other

Participants sign up to join an online zoom call via a registration process and are guided by a facilitator through a structured process of timed practice rounds for thinking out loud and listening to the shared group and in pairs. During the festival week Kind Listening Circles will be focused on exploring questions related to the particular themes of the festival. The Kindness Revolution is hoping to spread Kind Listening Circles much wider in Leeds and if you are interested in becoming a potential facilitator of Kind Listening Circles in your organisation or community please get in touch with us.

For more information please email kindlistening@kinderleeds.org