Help Create
The Kindness Revolution!

An Invitation.

Create a joined up kindness festival in 2021.You can be part of the Kindness Revolution where ever you are. Join us in Leeds or where you are.

How We Started.

Following a Compassionate Leadership course we asked – “If towns and
neighbourhoods are structures for health and wellbeing or ill-health and ill-being, what would a city of compassion and wellbeing look like?”
Our vision was a distributed, Festival of Kindness Compassion & Wellbeing in different places, spaces, neighbourhoods and organisations across Leeds. Our vision is of an annual festival over a 5 year period to showcase the amazing work that individuals, projects and initiatives are doing on our own doorstep. We developed a route map [see below] – and decided on a three stage approach over three years- a one day event in 2018, a weekend in 2019 and a week in 2020. Because of the pandemic we had to take the festival on line but it hasn’t
altered our intention for 2021 and beyond. Its also enabled us to link with others in other places. So where ever you are why not join us and shape a kinder future?

Next Years Festival

If you would be interested in being part of the Leeds Festival of Kindness, Compassion & Wellbeing 2021


Kindness Twinning

If your organization, town or city aspires to be part of the Kindness Revolution Network – why not link up with us?


Theory of Change

At one of our first meetings we co- produced a route map that we called the seven ‘P’ theory of change:
– Perspective : identify a perspective of value
– Practice : walk your talk by fostering practice
– Platform : create a platform e.g. a festival
– Place: seek local allies & foster local and multiple sector networks
– Partners: look out for potential partners
– Pathways & Permission: create multiple pathways for involvement to give people permission to play a bigger role
– Power & Periphery: direct resources to the periphery

We haven’t achieved everything we imagined but we are on a journey.
Help create the kinder world our hearts know is possible!